Postpartum Shedding Vs. Your Natural Hair

After giving birth to my little girl, I had absolutely no idea that within a few short months my luscious thick hair that I received from the pregnancy would fall right from my head in handfuls. So, when it did happen, I was devasted. Postpartum shedding started out a nightmare, especially because I had little to no knowledge about why it was happening. But eventually, after my own experience and doing research, I’ve learned a few simple ways to slow down my excessive hair loss.

What it Postpartum Shedding?

Basically, while you are pregnant, a specific hormone stops your hair from shedding, making your hair fuller but, around three or so months after you give birth that same hormone is released and the extra hair you gained while pregnant falls out.  Though, not every mother will experience postpartum hair loss.

X out Blow Dryers/ Flat Irons

Applying direct heat to your hair may cause even more shedding. So it is probably best to stay away from blow dryers and flat iron. 

Be Extra Careful Detangling and Styling

Since your hair is now prone to breakage you should avoid unnecessary detangling as much as possible. Wearing protective styles is one way to avoid detangling all together.


Continue taking prenatal vitamins even after you’ve given birth. Prenatal vitamins contain folic acid which helps your body maintain new cells and also treats deficiencies.



  Is being natural breaking the bank? With the large demand​ of hair products from the growing natural hair community, being naturally fabulous is starting to get a little pricey. And, if you are a momma ,like me. Or, you just like to save a dollar or two, then you are looking for a great deal. Here are some resourceful ways you can save on your favorite name brand products.


  Grab a newspaper from your local public library, news stand, grocery store, or convenience store and search the coupon section for discounts. Price checking different stores before purchasing can save a few dollars as well. Many stores may retail a lower price for the same product so looking around before you buy can save you money.


  Subscribe your email at your favorite brand’s website and they will send alerts whenever they have ongoing sales. I suggest creating a separate email exclusively for coupons. You can also download coupon apps like Flipp and RetailMeNot. These apps allow you to have access to coupons and deals at local stores right at your fingertips.


  Some hair products have a steep price for a not-so-good ingredients list. Its always a good idea to check the back of the packaging to make sure you are paying for real ingredients that will benefit you hair growth.


  Making you own products saves you a ton of money!! Not only will you know exactly what your applying on your hair. Check out my diy section for wholesome recipes for shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, protein treatments, etc.