Even your baby\toddler’s kinks and curls need a little TLC!  Maybe a sprints of diluted extra virgin olive oil when it gets dry, sulfate free shampoo when washing, or laying them on a satin sheets to prevent breakage. Here are 3 simple steps to growing healthy toddler hair.

1. Low Matinence

Whether your child was born with a full head of hair or very little hair. You probably couldn’t fight the urge to brush or add a bow to their hair. But too much manipulation could disrupt hair growth. Loose pigtails, two strand twist, and just letting their hair be free are just a few of many ways you can style your childs growing hair.

2. Keep it hydrated


Just like our hair, childrens hair tend to get really dry especially when they are playing and rolling around. I keep my daughters hair moisturized by spraying her hair with Extra Virgin Olive Oil diluted in water and then a little bit of Naturally Smitten’s Moisturizing Hair Butter and when I style her hair I use Carol’s Daughters’ Healthy Hair Butter (on dry hair) and very thin elastic bands.

3. Protection at bedtime

  Cotton is one of natural hair’s worst enemies. Right after my daughter’s hair had fallen out during postpartum shedding and cradle cap. I noticed that the little hair she had left at the back of her head, was now rubbing out at night while she slept. Switching to satin sheets protected her hair against damage at night.



1. Healthy food choices: Start Small

(I am not saying go vegan over night, but swaping certain foods out or hea is a great way to start!)

For example while cooking….

  •  Swap butter for olive oil or avacodo
  • Swap idolized salt for sea salt
  • Bake instead of fry
  • Water vs. Soda or sugared drinks
  • A simple detox- Adding lemon to your water to help get rid of toxins in the body

These simple trade offs made a huge difference in my health. Healthy body= healthy hair!

2. Low manipulation

Low manipulation is a key step to obtain long healthy hair. So committing to a protective style and sticking with it for a week or longer is key. The less you touch your hair the better. Being a new mom, I wore a ton of high buns which not only saved a bunch of my hair from postpartum shedding but it kept the ends of my hair hidden and protected from rubbing against my clothes.

3. Keep moisturized

Keeping your hair moisturized is probably the most important step to growing hair. Natural hair is prone to dryness and if your hair has been neglected in that area it may be harder for it to retain moisture. Like plants, our hair needs moisture to grow so every time my hair began to feel dry I would tend to it immediately. Spritzing water and following with an sealant should do the trick! When detangeling, I section off my hair and add a dime sized amount of olive oil to each section and then apply Jane Carter Solutions Nutrients and Shine Butter because it’s super light weight and moisturizing. *If your hair is braided apply a little bit of your fave oil along your scalp.

4. Find a regimen that works for you and stick to it!

Cowash weekly, saved my life! – My routine for my kinky curly hair consisted of As I am Coconut Cowash, Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Conditioner and Leave-in, a little olive oil and a sealant. I shampoo monthly and deep condition every three weeks.

5. Shampoo only when necessary and eliminate stripping cleansers

Some shampoos strip your hair’s natural oils leaving it feeling dry, brittle and even tangled. Almost all natural shampoos are now sulfate free but some still leave your hair still feeling striped. I found making my own cleanser to be much more rewarding and personal for my hair. But on my lazy days I use Organtix Argan oil shampoo because it leaves my hair feeling moisturized and soft. (Not to mention it smells amazing)

6. Stay away from heat! 

Most people will tell you to just limit yourself. “If you flat iron once a month try going 2 months without heat.” Well I say, if you want fast and healthy hair growth, then you need to cut out heat (cold turkey) for at least a year. You will see an amazing transformation.

7. Patience

Everyone says it, because it’s true! As long as your using the the right products for your body, you WILL grow healthy hair. Give your body time and enjoy the beautiful natural journey.