3 Very simple ways to grow healthy hair: Toddler Edition


Even your baby\toddler’s kinks and curls need a little TLC!  Maybe a sprints of diluted extra virgin olive oil when it gets dry, sulfate free shampoo when washing, or laying them on a satin sheets to prevent breakage. Here are 3 simple steps to growing healthy toddler hair.

1. Low Matinence

Whether your child was born with a full head of hair or very little hair. You probably couldn’t fight the urge to brush or add a bow to their hair. But too much manipulation could disrupt hair growth. Loose pigtails, two strand twist, and just letting their hair be free are just a few of many ways you can style your childs growing hair.

2. Keep it hydrated


Just like our hair, childrens hair tend to get really dry especially when they are playing and rolling around. I keep my daughters hair moisturized by spraying her hair with Extra Virgin Olive Oil diluted in water and then a little bit of Naturally Smitten’s Moisturizing Hair Butter and when I style her hair I use Carol’s Daughters’ Healthy Hair Butter (on dry hair) and very thin elastic bands.

3. Protection at bedtime

  Cotton is one of natural hair’s worst enemies. Right after my daughter’s hair had fallen out during postpartum shedding and cradle cap. I noticed that the little hair she had left at the back of her head, was now rubbing out at night while she slept. Switching to satin sheets protected her hair against damage at night.


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